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Sanasi – Make Me | Prod. By Southboy

Like I said some days ago, Sanasi is here to stay and if its good you want she got overdose of it. This is her Debut Single Titled "Mak...


Are Our Modeling Angencies Building Or Destroying Our Society?


What is a Modeling Agency? 

A modeling agency is a company that represents fashion models, to work for the fashion industry.[1] These agencies earn their income via commission, usually from the deal they make with the model and or the head agency.

The top agencies work with big-budget advertising agencies and fashion designers. They invest money into developing their talent so they can increase their status within the industry. These top agencies will help train models, get test shoots, layout portfolios, and put together comp cards (composition photo cards) and other printed materials models need.

The agencies find work for models by presenting them to designers, photographers, and ad agencies. The agencies are also responsible for booking the jobs, billing for the jobs, and eventually paying the models for their time. By handling the details, an agency allows a model to focus on modeling and not on the business end.

Because modeling is a very competitive, fast moving business that extends beyond the traditional 9 AM to 5 PM business hours, an agency generally conducts business 24 hours a day, to handle emergencies such as cancellations or rush jobs. Most agencies have a service or an operator to handle emergency issues after hours.

And Now back to the Matter at Hand, I think Our Modeling Agencies are Only out to make your girls they know they would never have had the opportunity to see naked all in the name of Modeling. 

After Mercy of Kaduna Fashion show used over 20 of the Models that worked tirelessly for her to make her events one of the best Kaduna has ever seen she still couldnt pay them. 
Are you encouraging or killing their Fire? 

Onyx Own Na Only God Know... 

Eva Dee tried but still got 95%

Skillz Models we are waiting... 

Owning a modeling Agency goes beyond Taking Nude snaps on social Media. 
Invest in their Art and watch them Grow!!! 

Signed Kel Cypha 
A.K.A El Rufai

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