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Sanasi – Make Me | Prod. By Southboy

Like I said some days ago, Sanasi is here to stay and if its good you want she got overdose of it. This is her Debut Single Titled "Mak...


CyHi The Prynce Challenges Joe Budden To A Rap Battle For $500K


CyHi The Prynce has found himself the topic of conversation multiple times during episodes of The Joe Budden Podcast but he never fired back — until recently. In a new promotional Team Backpack cypher for next month’s A3C Festival, CyHi finally put The State Of The Culture co-host in his sites and challenged him to a rap battle for $500,000.

“I don’t need a Xany’ or a shot of brandy,” he spits. “To murder a nigga, playin’ me like I’m cotton-candy/Get ya kids napped, tell ’em ‘pop the nanny’/Turn your house into The Adams Family/Whoa, you wanna know what I just thought about?/I think that I should’ve been in Slaughterhouse/Leave you with a rib-eye tryna’ clown me.

“Boy, I knock the legs off a cow just to ground beef/So call Backpack or Smack and tell ’em set it up/And anyone who wanna bring a half-a-mil’, we can bet it up.”

During Saturday’s (September 29) episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the ever-colorful host acknowledged the challenge.

“CyHi, I have a million dollars, and I’ll clean your ass up,” he says on episode #183 around the 60:30-minute mark. “You can’t come to the party with that.”

Although Budden initially reiterates his retired, that amount of money

“I’m retired,” he says. “I’m not replying to none of these niggas. But, “Half a mil’, track-for-track? Of course, we gotta do that. Any rapper that money has been on the line for — nah, they never really put it up … I don’t think that CyHi has $500,000 of disposable income.

“I want my half-a-mil’; I don’t want to lose it.”

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