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Sanasi – Make Me | Prod. By Southboy

Like I said some days ago, Sanasi is here to stay and if its good you want she got overdose of it. This is her Debut Single Titled "Mak...


The #HangOut With 'Shocks Orion' || Guest 'President Zik'


With the release of OFF BALANCE  just a few days ago, President Zik have increased his Tally of Mixtapes to Two(2) in the space of just Two(2) years (a milestone that only few rappers from this part of the world can boost of ) and as such, he has cemented his position as one of the most hardworking artist in Kaduna. With a mindset of winner and hunger for greatness, he is at the verge of accomplishing so much both as a member of a group and also as a solo artist. One the Hangout this week, here is what ZIK has to say. 

Who is President zik?

My name is Zachary Kwaga. My stage name is President Zik. I'm part of a hiphop collective called 'BHP' that is based in Zaria. My music is urban contemporary.

Let's talk about your mixtape which you just dropped, what inspired the body of work?

'OFF BALANCE' is my second mixtape so of course it was inspired by growth first and foremost. But generally, it was inspired by what I've been going through for the past years. The highs and the lows. The dreams and ambitions. Things that any millennial can relate to in this day.

You've dropped 2mixtapes in the space of  2years, what is next for you?

My team and I are always involved in more than just the music. We have a music festival coming up this December in Kaduna. But of course, I'll still be working on music behind the scenes. Both solo and collectively.

Tell us a bit about BHP, for the sake of those who are just hearing it for the first time.

BHP short for Bigheadphones is a hip hop collective currently consisting of three artist; Ross, Abyssinia and myself. The collective was formed in 2012.

When should we be expecting an album from you?

An album is the highest level of output from an artist in my opinion. So probably when all the conditions are favourable and there's a proper structure in place for it to be presented as a proper album. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. Till then I'll keep giving compilations of my best work to you guys.

Thank you so much for talking to us.  How can you be reached on social media?

You're welcome And thanks as well for giving me the platform to speak on a few things. My Handles arešŸ‘‡
 IG: @presidentzik
Twitter: @presidentzikBHP

In the search of greatness, hardwork, dedication and patience is a road map. Thank you all for joining us on THE HANGOUT this week, Remember that you can be part of this by just reaching us on our social media handles. 

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