Chris Brown & Tory Lanez Attend Drake's 2000's Themed B-Day Party

Drake dressed as Fabolous at his 2000's themed b-day party.

On Tuesday night, Drake threw himself a 2000’s themed birthday party at the Goya Studios in Los Angeles, equipped with a 7/11, Blockbuster Video and even cars from the classic MTV show Pimp My Ride. Many of his friends came to show love to the Toronto artist, including Diddy, Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, French Montana and more.

Guests were asked to arrive in their best 2000's attire to give the party a true feeling of being blast to the past. Drake himself dressed up as Fabolous, while French Montana sported baggy jeans and an over-sized jersey. He even had a Motorola Timeport inspired cake.

Of course, staying with the theme, party goers danced to music from the 2000’s, especially when Drake himself became the mix master in the DJ booth at one point. He got some help at the booth from Swizz Beats and other musically inclined attendees.

On Wednesday, Drizzy shared some photos from his bday party. which includes a couple pics with former foes Chris Brown & Tory Lanez. Drake caption his Brown pic with “Best Duo or Group goes to…”

Also another thing I want to point out is that Drake & Breezy have been cool for a while now, But Drake is using this as a business move & career boost. Incase you haven't noticed all his moves are calculated & serve a purpose. He knows Chris Brown is at the top of the game & the most talented person alive and even said it when he brought him out. Now that Drake's music has become stale and he's reached his peak, got exposed & ethered by Pusha he's counting on Breezy to save him. Also I think Drake kicked 40 out of OVO. All of a sudden he wants to put out pics on the gram and shit showing him and Breezy are cool. All because he needs the support and blessing from the GOAT.

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