Snoop Dogg Trolls Kanye West: “Drake Put Dick In Yo B*tch!”

CHICAGO, IL – After appearing to bury the hatchet with Kanye following a long series of public criticisms of his subversive takes on everything — more or less — Uncle Snoop Dogg took to Instagram on October 14 to clown ‘Ye over a (late to the party) interpretation of Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

“I just found out who Kiki was, [she] is your bitch. That’s why you’re so mad,” Snoop taunted, having seemingly just stumbled on the popular fan theory that Drake was referencing Kim Kardashian on the song. Kanye condemned Drake during an Insta-rant last month over the Toronto rapper’s refusal to debunk the rumor.

Drake put dick in your bitch,” he continued. “Drake, you a cold nigga, cuz. I like that song but I ain’t know why I liked it. Now I know why I like it. ‘Kiki, do you love me? Remember sucking me?’ Yeah, he put dick in your bitch. How about that?”

For added insult, Snoop — who is currently touring his live stage play, Redemption of a Dogg — made the post while in ‘Ye’s hometown of Chicago. He’ll be back in the Windy City on October 20 for two shows.

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