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He is a citizen of Kaduna State, a graduate of English language from kaduna state university,  a sound engineer and an On Air Personality (OAP)  with Salama radio 98.1fm kafanchan. But that's not all, he is also a music producer, artiste and a DJ. Popularly known as Skillzbeatz within the entertainment scene in Kaduna. 

His passion and love for the art in this part of the world has distinguished him from his peers, been one of the very few who are still keeping  entertainment alive in Kafanchan. Job Daniel's support for the Music Industry in Kaduna is the reason why we are not surprised that alot of artists show him so much love and respect.  Here is what Job Daniel (SkillzBeat or Stillmatic) has to say on The Hangout 

As an OAP what's your take on the Music Industry in Kaduna?

Looking over the years, the music industry in kaduna as compared to now, I feel its on a rise and it is growing though it is not yet where it shud be. But with the way things are going i can proudly say Kaduna is becoming a home for entertainment.We have lots of talent, raw talents, dat nids to be groomed and put der. Most of the celebrities today have at one point or the other have a root in kaduna. Likes of Terry tha rapman, phero, mode 9,At, of recent the trending guys Praiz, skales and tolu.

Now we have abundance of stars dat can match any artiste anywer, I beliv gone are those days wen going to lagos was the dream of every artiste, now we are making it happen in Kaduna.So all I wud say as an OAP, kaduna music Industry is growing and it can get much better and be the home of entertainment in Nigeria.

Been a DJ, What's the hottest song from a Kaduna artist right now?

Wel its got to be Dj Cinch, From Wo, Saminaka, gangs, chasu zalla. Dj Cinch is the hottest artiste right now in Kaduna. Having international collaborations with likes of Gwan in Canada and host of of other songs. I can also say that Shawn wonder, freddie  Bounce, Gad, and benefitz. For me I wud say DJ Cinch, not to forget solid star soldier  Nifty Boy

Are DJ's from this part of the country getting the recognition they deserve?

I would say, no. We have great DJs from kaduna but they are not given that proper reps and acknowledgement. Likes of DJ Abdul, Kelly and a host of em. I feel dey are not given that recognition dey deserve but shout out to all DJs in Kaduna.

If you have the opportunity of changing something in the entertainment industry here in Kaduna,  what changes will you make?

I will change the mentality of the artistes to ensure that they get paid for their craft. Not just artistes, painters, oaps, djs, shud make a living from their passions, talents and live a comfortable life.

Would want to borrow a word from DIA, "Damn you pay me". The hustle is real, kaduna has grown beyond organising events and telling performers "thank you for coming" when they trek home and sleep hungry or soak garri and sleep after thrilling a crowd.

We've seen DJ's dive into making music this days by ft artists on tracks, should we expect a song from you anytime soon?

Well yes, that's in the pipeline, But the collaboration is going to be a massive one and possibly all things been equal there wud be an album, With various kaduna artistes so as to push and have the voices of kaduna be heard across the shores of the country.

Thank you so much for joining us on the Hangout. How can you be reached for gigs and other stuffs?

Facebook @Job Daniel
Twitter @joebee_daniel
Instagram @skillzbeatz28
Whatsapp 09099512422

Thank you all for joining us this week, If you had an amazing time with Job Daniel(Skillzbeatz) as much as we had interviewing him,  let's do this again next week as we welcome another brilliant mind On the Hangout. 

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