Why 'Lemuel Knight' Should Postpone The Release Of 'The Last Tape' Till 2019

Okay, to begin, let's think about what a "mixtape" is. While the definition has changed a lot in recent years, the most current technical definition of a mixtape is a collection of music released for free. 

By releasing the music for free, the artist doesn't have to worry (in most situations) about clearing samples or getting specific permission. The artist also can release their work knowing that fans can listen without feeling the pressure (if they do anymore) to buy music. 

Historically, while not always true, mixtapes also serve as opportunities for artists to release lesser quality work and build their fanbases. Mixtapes typically aren't as polished as albums and they generally come across as a selection of songs, as opposed to a body of work. 

However, that all changed when Drake, in 2009, released So Far Gone. It consisted of entirely original work, sounded very cohesive, and was free. Drake changed the game for mixtapes.

“Mixtapes are one of the most important elements of this culture,” says Rick Ross, one of rap’s biggest mixtape kings turned label executive, on a Def Jam conference call last month.

“That’s where you really build your relationship with your fans with no yellow tape involved. You create your own release date; you decide when you release material. You’re in control of that, and as an artist, I think even labels respect that.”

Mixtapes reside on the artistic side of the music industry, facing the business of albums on the opposing side. Both operate separately, but are connected to ensure an artist can exercise their passion as their livelihood and still preserve creativity. 

Mixtapes represent obscenities hurled at the music establishment, against all of the glamorization and expectations of an official album release. They can seal (or re-seal) an artist’s credibility and connection to the streets, allowing them to express art from a recorded safe-haven. 

Mixtapes allow artists to step out in their ingenuity and purify themselves of the industry’s murky politics — or, at least they used to.

What happened?

Lendo Has Dropped over 3 Mixtapes this year and none of them got the attention they so much deserve and trust me I've listened to them all and i know it’s Content. 

In 2018 Alone We've been Blessed with Mixtapes and EPs by Almost all the Biggest Rappers in Northern Nigeria and they all got us Yearning for more due to their Abilities to Merge their talents with the latest trends and Culture. 

Dear Lendo, Dropping another project should be in 2019.
Thats Only my opinion. 

I'll love to hear your opinions on this 👊

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