" 2BABA Does Not Owe Any Benue Act Any Favors; - MC-SMART Is Just Looking To Gain Something For Himself " NUTTYJOSH


" 2BABA Does Not Owe Any Benue Act Any Favors; Everyone Should Hustle For Themselves! MC-SMART Is Just Looking To Gain Something For Himself " NUTTYJOSH 

From a distance, This statement appears to be Legit, Selfless, Self Sufficient and even independent but when you take a closer look at it; You will find Hypocrisy, Isolation, Ignorance, Snitching and above all, Low Self-esteem sprouting from people who tend to utter such nonsense. Everyone (Even these hate speakers) knows the unresting truth but simply because they were not personally consulted to the inner circle of Mc-Smart's bold move, they resulted in baseless accusations and rants just to soil a movement that if "Aired" will cause a paradigm shift in the Benue Music Business. 
Nobody is disputing the fact that #2Baba worked hard for himself and artist should emulate his working steps instead of asking for favours BUT before you agree with the initial statement ask yourself this... 
 Did #2Baba become a star by his hustle alone? 
 Can your hustle alone turn you into a star? 
 Yes #2Baba doesn't owe anyone any favors but as a human being and most importantly as an Oyi of Benue State he owes it to #Himself to help raise his brothers from the gutter. 
 And finally; What is wrong with Mc-Smart trying to gain something for himself? If you are not ambitious then you will die a poor and sad person; So stop looking at what he is set to gain but in the profit the movement will generate, even if its little for everyone, better to have little cos right now nobody is gaining anything! 
 2BABA is a legend to not just the Benue people, his stripes cuts through Nigeria and Africa as a whole so what are we saying? A man with such influence and yet non of his kin has gained anything? 
We all respect 2BABA but let's face it he has not done anything for Benue state Entertainment Industry; I was at Mark D ball, Idoma Gots Talents, Idoma International Carnival, Face Of Idoma, Ugbokolo Cultural Carnival, And the truth is MC SMART as unknown as he is, has done more for the benue artists with his S.T.M (Star Trace Movement) than 2Baba has done ; The only hiccup I had with the movement was that he tried to carry everyone along and that was an honorable error which should be applauded not criticized. 
The context of MC SMART'S original letter to the Iconic 2Baba explained the narrative of how much his influence can help the entertainment industry; It was more of a plead nothing abrasive and if only the Icon will follow the trend,  he will understand the plight of all entertainers not just in Benue but other parts of Nigeria.. If lesser icons like Olamide, Davido, Wizzy, Tekno, Kiss Daniel, Kc, etc are raising  strangers up I see no reason why #Hypertek will have no record of properly managing and blowing up an artist from the scratch. 
Please in as much as we are independent let's look out for ourselves cos at the end of the day we are all we got. 
God bless McSmart Joseph and God bless 2face. 
I am Nuttyjosh Untamed reporting from Kaduna Entertainment Industry and e no easy here at all, na Kel Cypha dey help us smoothing things up around here.

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