I Don't Wish Jail On Nobody, But F**K 6ix9ine - YG

It's no secret that the controversial, rainbow haired, Billboard-chart-topping, YG hatin' young rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has been staring at the gallows of late. With federal charges being hanging overhead, many are wondering whether 6ix9ine's career is about to be met with a premature end. The plot is undeniably thick, with new developments are popping off every day.  Today, for instance, found footage of a confident 6ix9ine putting out a hit on Chief Keef's cousin Tadoe, who drew infamy for his own violent proclamation: "I Kill People."

Yet 6ix9ine's most prominent rival, YG, remains unsympathetic to his case. In fact, during a recent tour stop in Australia, the Young Gangsta made his feelings known. "I don’t wish jail on nobody," he says, addressing the crowd, who can no doubt see where this line of reasoning is going. "That’s a fucked up situation. That’s a fucked up place.” He pauses for dramatic effect, before bringing down the hammer:" BUT N***A FUCK 6IX9INE!"

From the sound of it, at least one concertgoer reacted with unbridled excitement. It's clear that YG would not be mourning the game's loss of 6ix9ine, at least not openly. As we all know, these beefs can feel like addictions for all involved parties. If 6ix9ine goes to jail, who else will YG spar with on a frequent basis?