Kaduna Based Artist "Elaidrix" Features His Mum On New Song "Son Of Grace"

"Ladies and Gentlemen" 

 I Present to You the Amazing and Super Wonderful Woman who's on my New Song.. Mrs Grace She's my MOTHER and the Love of My Life.. The Chemistry of Mother and Son Love has Brought us together into Making a Great Song Which will Stand in terms of History.. Thank You so much Mummy for Believing and Supporting me to the Extend of going to the Studio to Record a Song with me...  Having You on my Song is the Best and Biggest thing that ever happened to my Carrier!

Guys,  My Mum and I Made a Great Song together which is Titled "SON OF GRACE"  First of its Kind in HISTORY!!!!!  

Watch Out and Get Ready... ELAIDRIX  Featuring MY MUM #Son_Of_Grace

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Unknown said…
Wow that really amazing more wins bruh