Meek Mill Lost To Drake In Ping Pong, With $100K On The Line

Drake is slick feller, according to Meek Mill.

Drake would be good at table tennis, wouldn't he? Or is he simply super fab at everything, (except his Achilles heel, the jump shot)? It turns out, Meek Mill gets trauma-like flashes of Drake's face whenever he suffers a misstep. Before I delve into this story, I'd like to establish: the notion that Meek Mill is a born loser is a myth perpetuated by Toronto's municipal council, I kid you not.

But the good sport that he is, Meek Mill does laugh at his own "foibles." In his recent interview with old-guy Darden, Meek Mill recounted the time he and Drake struck a peace-deal over a game of ping-pong, in an arrangement similar to the tournament that supposedly averted a Nuclear crisis during the Cold War.

Shortly after the former rivals were seen on stage "letting bygones be bygones," a ping-pong table was erected backstages, with Meek and Drake consenting to a $100,000 buy-in, winner takes all. 

“We chopped it up onstage and did it out of the love. But after that we played ping pong,” Meek told Ebro. “He beat me out of 100,000. He did some slick Drake shit. He’s definitely a finesser."