The #HangOut With 'Shocks Orion' Guest 'Dj Moore'

He is a DJ by hustle, and also a Nurse in the making, which is a combination we are not used to seeing around, but with all the problemz and stress that comes with both profession, he had found a way of making both of them work to his advantage.  Not stopping there,  he has one of the hottest songs out there in the streets, radio and of recent topping the chart in Kaduna. He goes by the name DJMoore. Come with me as we explore the mind of Djmoore on THR HANGOUT. 

Who is Djmoore?
Dj Moore is also known as Moore, he's a Dj and also a nurse in a making

How does a Nurse (in training)  turns out to become a DJ?
I started djing way back before thought of being a nurse so the love and passion couldn't stop gotta keep it going

You also dived into the act of releasing your own  songs, where did the inspiration come from?
It started when I got admission, that was when I started making little wave in kd especially maraba rido when I was among the top Djs, so because of school I was scared of losing the little fame I gat so because of distance and want to keep the little rep I decided to start featuring artiste so I can keep the name going because I'll not always be around in KD

From all indication, it's paying off cause you have the hottest song in KD right now, how was the process making Way-Up?

Thanks for that, I always had Emmy Jay in mind because he's one of the hottest thing in KD and IBI is already a wave maker I decided to go for what's good by puting on good art from my city KD

Should we be expecting another song soon, and who will you be featuring?
Very very soon but I don't want to disclose who am featuring next, just keep your fingers crossed. 

As a DJ, what is the hottest song right now in Kd?
Really,I have been online since I dropped way-up and it is everywhere, soI guess its way up but i really love letter to 6ix by Harper Chucky that's really hot too

It's the season for awards,  and KD is not left behind, what are you expecting from Awards shows this festive season?
Too many dope songs this season FAM but I know the awards would be giving to the right people because they are those that really deserve it, people like Dj cinch as "Art ofthe year", Emmy Jay as "Next rated" and Dj Dammy as best Dj in kd

What will you say Is the biggest problem KD entertainment is facing, and where do you see KD entertainment in the next 3years?
No much sponsors in KD, compare to places like Lagos and cooperation among the artiste is very poor maybe we need to work on that and show much love
In 3years time KD will be the shit because of lot of talent Dj Cinch is making us proud and Nifty Breezy putting the city on the map so we are really heading somewhere

Giving the chance, between DJ cuppy, DJ Nana and DJ Brooke, who will you take home to mama?
"Laughs" Dj cuppy no thinking

Well there you have it, with all the waves he is making right now in the KD entertainment scene, he is still focused on pursuing his dream of been a nurse,  that tells you alot about his work ethics and at the same time telling showing you that you can pursue your dream irrespective of where you find yourself. Until next time have a blessed week, I am Shocks Orion and I say "Never let your schooling interfere with your education "

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