Travis Scott's "Astroworld" Is Officially Double Platinum

Travis Scott hits a new milestone for "Astroworld."
Travis Scott's Astroworld is nearly guaranteed to appear on many people's year-end lists in terms of the top albums all year. The musician took his career to new heights with the project, catapulting him to a level of superstardom he shares with artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and others. The work is still in heavy rotation, with several songs getting more play than others. 

The Astroworld tour is now in full effect (read our review here!) and folks are still spending their hard-earned dollars on copies of the popular album. La Flame reached a new milestone today as he can officially gloat about going double platinum with Astroworld.

We waited for years but everything paid off as we were finally able to hear the project he had teased since coming up. Travis' career came full circle with Astroworld and a double platinum certification is well-deserved. So much work went into the creation of such a sonic achievement and now, it's all proving to have been worth it. 

Travis has not yet commented on the news but we're sure he's celebrating before hitting Madison Square Garden for the second straight night. If, for some reason, you haven't listened to Astroworldyet, check it out here.