Rnb Sensation 'Elvis Adeniyi' Unveils Own Video/TV Brand 'Minds Signature'

Elvis Wrote

Good morning world, I am so happy to break this
news to you all, due to legit hustle and creativity,
I am happy to announce my brand to you
# MindsSignature .
Minds signature is a concept open to celebration
and our main Aim is to speak your mind true
Our services are
1.video Documentary been it a political story,
wedding , career documentary, anniversary,
Business advert, etc
2.We make your event trend by working with
some TV stations and online and bloggers
3.complete photography of your event
4. Your event video coverage.....
5.Red-carpet interview from strobes TV.... We
are set,ready and affordable... We speak your
Minds because we are your #MindsSignature pls
help me rebroadcast

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