Tory Lanez & Royce Da 5'9" Prepare For War Amidst Escalating Tension

Tory Lanez stared into the abyss and blinked.

It was supposed to lie dormant. At least, such was the implication after Tory Lanez deleted his Tweets disrespecting Royce Da 5'9" earlier this morning. After Nickel claimed Tory did not, in fact, catch a win in his tilt with Joyner Lucas, Tory Lanez decided to clap back with utter scorn. 

"That's why you rappidy ass n***as always had the wrong conception of a W," wrote Tory, in a since-deleted tweet. "Shows why y'all careers look how they look now."Royce decided to play diplomatic, keeping his threat underlying: "No need to get upset Lil homie. I thought yours was dope too. Somebody like you disrespecting somebody like me is ridiculous tho. Ima let slide because you’re “new”."

Unfortunately for Lanez, it would appear that the ongoing narrative got the better of him; after all, many were quick to point to a "poked-bear" line of reasoning, implying that Tory was simply asking to be mauled. It would appear that such a victim narrative proved too irritating for Tory to abide, and he lashed out accordingly.

"Ain’t nobody scared of rolls 57 lyrically," writes Tory, doubling down on his Royce disrespect. "I deleted my comment cuz I’m not gone keep acting like my n***a Joyner didn’t do his thing . the old n***a kinda had a point .. what i said came off like some hating shit . People are aloud to think anybody won ... simple."

Naturally, such flippant disrespect irked Royce, no stranger to rap beef; in fact, he once went 1vs6 with D12 (including close friend Eminem) and emerged on the winning side. Nickel took to Twitter to issue yet another warning: "If you tryna get yo mufhkin ass beat, you doing everything right... I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt because you Canadian. Now go play somewhere before I get upset."

Tory clapped back, dubbing Royce "Mr. Muscle Milk" and laying the disrespect on thick: "don’t let ur gym workout and the fumes in the air start confusing your mind . old ass n***a talking bout he “before i get upset “on Twitter . Fuck u finna do ? Fight me through emojis and text .. n**** SUCK MY DICK"

Royce seemed to accept the challengewith a sad sense of inevitability, as if he could smell the upcoming carnage. Even Joe Budden couldn't resist sliding in, clearly feeling the call of competitive spirit. After all, despite the differences they may have had, Royce and Joe are still bonded by Slaughterhouse, and will ride for one another accordingly. In the meantime, it seems as if both Tory and Royce are ready for war, and it wouldn't be surprising to see a pair of diss tracks emerge in the near future.

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