Fast rising Act Pens Down An "Open Letter" To Critic "Dahzahr David"

I got this a Few Minutes ago and I think you Should read it

I love kaduna, even if I don't I'll still pretend to!...The entertainment industry here is still growing,"No wack artiste in my city, they're just upcoming artistes who are yet to fully discover themselves & skills & overtime they'll"...

The industry I know is the coming together of different collective & productive minds to form a standard, peaceful & successful business environment not the type that someone stays in his/her closet & act an "internet critic"

Dazhata David Praise yo a L, if you wanna act a plug or be a cosign... there're lotta fresh talented art out there who're yet to hit the platform.

you can pick one or two, make a name for them & make sure they make impact as you expect every artiste to make... then you can come out & say "NO ARTIST WOULD BE WACK IN MY CITY"... If not get yourself busy by minding your business & letting others face theirs.

IcesiQ Monas

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