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Sanasi – Make Me | Prod. By Southboy

Like I said some days ago, Sanasi is here to stay and if its good you want she got overdose of it. This is her Debut Single Titled "Mak...


Fast rising Act Pens Down An "Open Letter" To Critic "Dahzahr David"


I got this a Few Minutes ago and I think you Should read it

I love kaduna, even if I don't I'll still pretend to!...The entertainment industry here is still growing,"No wack artiste in my city, they're just upcoming artistes who are yet to fully discover themselves & skills & overtime they'll"...

The industry I know is the coming together of different collective & productive minds to form a standard, peaceful & successful business environment not the type that someone stays in his/her closet & act an "internet critic"

Dazhata David Praise yo a L, if you wanna act a plug or be a cosign... there're lotta fresh talented art out there who're yet to hit the platform.

you can pick one or two, make a name for them & make sure they make impact as you expect every artiste to make... then you can come out & say "NO ARTIST WOULD BE WACK IN MY CITY"... If not get yourself busy by minding your business & letting others face theirs.

IcesiQ Monas

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