Kaduna is Home to All, Stop Dividing Us - 'King Soujah to #KADAMFEST

I'm very disappointed at the Just Concluded #KADAMFEST and I really think we should address this before it gets out of hand.

This is The second type we've been boycotted by the same state we all claim to represent Musically.

News reaching me states that the Lowest paid Artiste on the #KADAMFEST Stage got over 200K and some went home with over 6 million Naira.

I know many people will Crucify me for saying this but I think we should be held accountable for whatever happens to the Kaduna Entertainment Industry because we have no structure.

Kaduna is not a Hausa state, Kaduna is Home to many and we all have played a key roll N putting our city on the map so we deserve a bite from the cake. 

Kea Adams Hosted Kaduna Entertainment Awards and none of the Artistes you gave award to got a slot and you think you're Helping the Industry???

We need to stand as One, Or Else we will live to Regret putting our stomachs first before doing the Needful.

I'll continue tomorrow...

King Souljah
Richest Rapper 

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