M.I, Blaqbonez, A-Q And Loose Kaynon Go Hard On L.A.M.B Martell Cypher

When Nigerian hip hop legend M.I Abaga released his song You rappers should fix up your lives in 2018addressing Nigerian rappers and how they weren’t doing enough we didn’t know that he was going to come back harder barely a few weeks into the new year with this kind of energy.

The cypher featured M.I Abaga, Guardian Life’s artist to watch Blaqbonez, A-Q, and Loose Kaynon and all four delivered amazing freestyles from start to finish, flowing with the beat and dropping punchlines that would make you do a doubletake.

Blaqbonez kicked off the cypher, followed by, Loose Kaynon then A-Q and M.I finished it off with all rappers maintaining the consistency and originality throughout. At the end, you find wanting to hear more because it was that good.

This cypher is in collaboration with Martell and we couldn’t ignore some of the subliminal messages which each rapper dropped.
 M.I addressed another cognac saying “that other cognac this is how to spend your budget, f**k it” and then a black screen pops up with words that read “DON’T DO BRAND CYPHERS THAT WON’T PAY YOU” “COME TO US INSTEAD” possibly referring to the Hennessy cypher which is one of the only other cyphers sponsored by a cognac brand.

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