Pusha-T Issues A Stern & Possibly Final Warning To Drake

As an old foe stirs in The North, Pusha T lays down the law. 
Drake, a noted Aalyiah fan, has possibly been ascribing to some of her iconic lyrics. "If at first you don't succeed, pick yourself up and try again." Lo and behold, rumblings have already surfaced that the Canadian superstar is considering reopening the battle with Pusha T. Given that Pusha seemed more than willing to go another round after "Adidon," it's likely that he's salivating at the chance. Case in point, King Push took to Twitter to send a stern, and possibly final warning to his opponent, promising swift and merciless retribution.
"You tried, you failed," he begins. "I’m hearing you wanna try again, this time I’m not gonna play with you, any of you." Though he's not exactly calling out names, the implication is heavy. After all, the feud was never properly resolved, and there is bound to be some lingering animosity on either side. Consider that Drake bowed out of contention, ostensibly in the name of sportsmanship, as the whole debacle threatened going "deeper than rap."
One has to wonder what exactly Pusha has been hearing, as it's clear that something has compelled him to speak out. Drake and his camp have yet to openly provoke the legendary lyricist, so perhaps a little bit of behind-the-scenes machinations have been transpiring. While many considered this beef to be over and done, it's likely that fans would welcome a renewed visitation of the beef. Clearly, Pusha has already begun salivating at the thought. 

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