FriendsIndeed - Able God [Jaybarry BlessedChild & G Doc Medic]

Able God is a song that is inspired by the goodness of God Almighty, him being there for us amidst all travails. The track was produced by Mr Fanty, recorded by Jaybarry BlessedChild and G Doc Medic, together they are FriendsIndeed.

Jaybarry BlessedChild who is a sickle cell warrior, survivor, fighter and advocate raps about his conditions and experience being born With sickle cell disorder, accepting the situation and thriving on with optimistic perspective unto life, despite his current situation and everyday pains,being currently on crutches as a result of a failed hip replacement surgery, he stays positive fighting while creating sickle cell awareness and encouraging warriors out there. As he turns 3 decades old on 28th of February 2019, decided to drop the track on this great day.. Happy birthday Jaybarry BlessedChild. 

G Doc Medic a Croc city born and well known rapper being a good friend of Jaybarry BlessedChild expressed his experience telling his friend's story battling the disorder, they both together trust God amidst their struggles knowing that God's plans for everyone, no one can deny, encouraging the public to always remember that God is an able God and he'll do what he said he'll do, they have an activism titled 5ive words, meaning DON'T YOU EVER GIVE UP. Please download, listen, and share..

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E.J. said…
Wow! Our God is an able God indeed, I believe so too. Your optimism is infectious! He's got you in the hollow of His hands and you are a blessed child of the Almighty God, no controversy.

'Really empathise with all the suffering and pain, but thank you for turning your lemons into lemonade through advocacy. The lyrics are super cool, so are the instrumentals. The message is very clear as well.

I think I'll set your music to continuous play now. You are such a blessing and inspiration.

Remain a conqueror!

E. J.