Pioneer "Sarauniya Beauty Pageant" Dan Hausawa DH Responds to Zarah Zira's "Scam Allegations"

Okay time for some random rants.
Disappearing posts! I advise you haters to screenshot it quickly.
Rant 1:
I don’t have a problem with a disgruntled Ex Queen calling me out or a sore loser from a pageant I use my hard earned money to organize coming online to insult me. If you put yourself out there be ready for the positives and negatives, so I’m good. However, I’m shocked to see people who never cheered me on while I was struggling to put up the event take a mere social media accusation by an angry and bitter woman hook line and sinker.
A few people are worthy of mention.

My dear Judith Caleb, I had so much respect for you. A strong woman and a budding female blogger. 

You never called me to ask if I had a rebuttal or to hear my side of the story. Aren’t you the lady who came by my office a few years ago and I encouraged to keep going and winning in your nascent venture? I remember calling you in 2017 to help out with the pageant on your blog and you never did. Oops! You was quick to post about Zarah calling me a scam two years after the event you refused to support. Wow! I get it. #Hate

Rhyme box I see you too. I don’t think I’ve ever wronged you have I? You believe what the lady wrote about me without asking me ? Really? Nice one

Did you attend the event or ever reposted it? Wait o, have you ever even liked my music as I do yours? Oh I get it #Hate
As for Nutty Josh you did well. You worked on the pageant at the tail end of the preparation. You missed out all the team and I did to put up an amazing show. So Why did you call me yesterday to ask me for a rebuttal if you knew all along that I was a criminal? Why have you been hanging around me if you knew all this about me?

Oh you know very well that I spent well over N10m on the event and yet you think a 300k , 500k or N1m car as star prize is my problem? Have you ever come to to me to ask about Zarah? Did you ever ask me how I got the money we spent on the event and how I was doing after a great loss? Oh well, y’all don’t care. All you want is for DH to fail. Now that Zarah is out calling me a scam your wishes have come true lol. #Hate

As for the dingbats coming online to claim payment for imaginary jobs they did and never got paid for. Go to our handle on IG, go see what we did. Lights, stage, hotel bills for two weeks, car rental, luxury buses, decoration, feeding, video, 10,000 watts of sound,photography and loads more all paid for. No one left that venue without their pay. 

Two years later an online troll is here talking about not been paid and y’all believe it? Damn! I’m really hated in this town. Waiyo Allah!

Well, Nuttyjosh Untamed and the team of Kaduna haters, get this into your heads, I own a legitimate business, I pay salaries of 25 people every month, I’ve got kids and family I support. I am an artiste who against all odds have transformed my struggles into thriving business. So make una no dey see me as una mate for Gulma and kishi business. I no get una time. Hey miss Judith Caleb, I am not above the law, so tell your girl Zarah to go to court to seek redress if she feels cheated or
# Scammed. Don’t forget to ask her to file her complaint along with the contract she signed too.

Oh lest I forget, Mildred Okpebholo and
Shadez Jesse Josh I still got love for both. I think you’ve got amazing talents and will conquer the world. Sadly you don’t feel that way about me, buh that’s fine. Keep winning guys.
Abego, I am not writing this for anyone to believe me or like me. Wait sef, I don’t need anyone to like me. I’ve never needed any likeness to succeed.
I’m just ranting because I have time today and it’s a Saturday lol.

Disappearing Post.
After tonight I’m pruning down on my FB friends and in real life. For now let’s go.
In the last two days I have been inundated with calls and text messages concerning allegations made by one of our ex queens from Sarauniya Beauty Pageant. Zarah Zireh.
First off I am a musician and have been on this grind since my teenage years. Sarauniya Foundation is one of my pet projects as an artiste. I also run the
# iWantPeace project, Prison Concerts and the Ankara Essay writing contest. Over the last 10yrs I’ve spent well over 20 Million Naira from the proceeds of my music career and other private businesses on these pet projects.
We have given scores of young people platforms to showcase themselves and gain exposure.
Sarauniya Beauty Pageant is the youngest of my initiatives and has seen lots of young women pass through it and moved on to greater things. The event is fully sponsored by Me and supported by family and friends. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for their selflessness and love over the years.
We have been able to against all odds stage two seasons of sarauniya beauty pageant with no official sponsor. No crown queen pays in anyway to win. Most of our past winners have always come as a surprise as we do not only look at physical beauty but brains, character, demeanor and the ability to carry on the vision by way of pet projects that will benefit humanity starting from their immediate community. In the 2017 edition we spent millions organizing a world class event with the hope of growing the industry and pushing our brand forward.
In the first edition of the pageant back in 2016, all entry forms were given for free. We camped and trained the contenders, staged an amazing show, the best of its kind in this part of the country.
Consequently, we followed up with the sequel with over 36 final contenders who made it to the house . For ten days we camped the ladies. feeding, accommodation etc was provided for contenders and officials while at the camp.

We had managers who handled the ladies and trains them. The queens have a chaperone, a manager, a Queen mother and guide who puts them through.
Every contender is asked to sign a contract before admission into camp. No one is coerced and at some point guardians are required to approve their stay.

The 2017 edition of the pageant saw the emergence of a new queen who later absconded two months into her reign with no explanation. All entreaties to reach her failed. As an individual I also tried reaching out to her via WhatsApp (check photos below). She never came or got back to me.

Sarauniya Beauty Pageant shall officially respond to some of her allegations in the coming days through the official medium # SarauniyarNajeriya

She called me a scam and a cheat in her series of posts recently. This is for wanting her to be a better person? This I will deal with legally.
While in camp It was brought my notice that we had prearranged the winner and that one of the girls Almera is favored to win(I’ll respond to her own grievance in my next posts). Well, Almera didn’t win as speculated, instead it was Zarah who won. As usual the losers were angry and some even cried. 

This is expected in every contest especially when it involves women. In the next coming days The internet was a washed with claims that Zarah won because her parents are rich, some said her father paid for the show, while others claimed that her parents bought the star prize hence the reason for her Victory. These were all lies. Same zarah is here today crying foul lol. She couldn’t even celebrate her victory because of the backlash and all the hating she was getting. I encouraged her to be strong. Her victory was legit and no #Scam involved.

At sarauniya, to succeed we believe you must work for it. Zarah refused to work on her project. This is where our problem started. We asked every crown queen to come up with a their project and cost. We decided as a team on how to go about each project, unfortunately some didn’t see the need to work. I encourage every girl to have self worth. No one girl can come out and claim that they were asked for sex, money or any form of payment to win a crown. It is all done based on merit.

On the issue of winning prizes,
I called Zarah and explained to her that the people who promised to sponsor the star prize unfortunately never did so I’m going to fulfil it anyway. I gave her three options:

First she should tell me the price of her her car an I’ll pay for it, fix it and brand it for her. Secondly I offered her my SUV
and thirdly If she wanted an entirely new car she should give me three months to raise money and buy her one because at the time I was low on cash cos of the expenses on the the just concluded event. She left my office with the agreement that she’ll discuss with her mother and get back to me, sadly she never did.

Now this is where we fell out, on the night of 10th if March 2018, I ran into Zarah in 3 different clubs the same night. I confronted her that night when I saw her pulling up at The Castle lounge and scolded her. I remember telling her not to disrespect herself and the crown by gallivanting about in the night. 

As royalty she needed to be protected as the crown is sacred. The people who were there with me and the gentleman who’s company she was with can testify to that. The next day I sent her a message (check attached photos)

That night was the last time I set my eyes on Zarah. This is over a year. Her reign ended In December 2018. She claimed we organized another edition without her, that is also not true. The event was cancelled because I had a family crisis. My father and sister were kidnapped in September 2018 so we couldn’t have been able to afford to host the show.

Some of these issues will be addressed by Sarauniya Beauty Pageant officially on Monday.

I want to thank everyone who has shown concern over the social media rants by the disgruntled lady and naysayers. This will not deter us from doing what’s right and contributing to society with the little God has given us.... to be continued in a few hours

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