"TalkingArt Empire Artist 'Deemoe' talks About his New Music Dropping This week

I can't tell you how excited I am about this new track, we really took our time on this one. It's almost two years since I recorded this song and since then we've been listening and making significant changes.
      I was in the studio with sukeezbeat  and I wanted to do a cover of young ma's "quiet storm". 

 when sukeez  heard the lyrics he was like "no way". There and then he made me my own instrumental. It was simple, naturally and it was a master piece. we worked that day until it was almost midnight. At the end of the session we both were very happy with the output.

   This single is a  collection of experiences and challenges I have faced over the past few years as an artiste. so many things that would naturally make me want to quit as a rapper. I'm talking financial problems issues with show promoters my family my friends and so many other things. in the midst of all this struggle I still stand that's why I decided to title  this particular song "HOPE" . My message is clear. Hope is not pretending the struggle does not exist, it is understanding and believing that they won't last forever. whatever it is you're doing as long as you have passion and you're  determined,  just ignore the hate ignore the negativity and just do you believing that one day all the pain and all the struggle will be part of your story, your testimony, and hopefully that testimony will inspire someone who is probably going through the same thing  and he or she will look at your life and see reasons not to give up.

  I want to give a big shout out to sukeezbeat for this wonderful instrumental and also taking his time to mix and master this song, I am forever grateful.  shout out to my mum my dad my siblings for all the love and all the support. shout out to  all my friends for having my back and spreading  word about the brand. A very big thank you to "TALKING ART EMPIRE" for collaborating and partnering with me to release this new joint.

 This song drops 3.22.2019 and is going to be available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and so many other platforms. make sure you're following me on Instagram @_deemoe_ and Facebook@ deemoe for more updates. I can assure you that your going to love it.

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