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Don Louy & Lincoln Gideon Set To Drop New Music Titled "Wahala" On (27th Nov. 2020)

Award Nominee "Don Louy" Teams Up With Lincoln Gideon to Bring this Hit titled Wahala and it drops 27th November 2020. Sleep Not O...


GeeZedBee – Heads Out


Seniorman Records Presents
GeeZedBee "Heads Out'

Boy listen! 
Words and sounds won't find you coins
Beats and lyrics won't earn you respect
Make me proud 

My dreams were mixed
For a moment, disobedience was an option 
Gratitude battled it's way up 
Like the time of old
Should I be prodigal again

Respect sat me down
Compromise spoke to me
Make daddy proud 
Go back to sleep 
Create new dreams 
Keep your HEAD-IN

Now my dreams are low key
My ambition making waves
My peace beyond still
I want to HEAD-OUT

"I know the Pains you feel,  join me and Keep your #HeadsOut, we all gon be fine"


1 comment:

ShamJay said...

This song is absolutely great, I'll hardly stop listening to it. GZB is the bomb!!! Great one bro.