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Don Louy & Lincoln Gideon Set To Drop New Music Titled "Wahala" On (27th Nov. 2020)

Award Nominee "Don Louy" Teams Up With Lincoln Gideon to Bring this Hit titled Wahala and it drops 27th November 2020. Sleep Not O...


This is "Nokstargram" The 8th piece Off the "HamLord Series" By Jesse Josh


 Title:  change my life (Nokstargram)
Size: 3x3 ft
Medium: acrylic on canvas

The story of how instagram and facebook changed my experience and also changed many.
This is the 8th piece out of the 30 solid/large pieces i am currently working on... (the hamlord series 2019 edition).

Still on the earliest form of civilization in west Africa (the Nok culture)... 1500 BC and still loading!

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