Gerard Butler Is The Suspect In ‘Angel Has Fallen’

Gerard Butler’s  Secret Service Agent, Mike Banning, is out to clear his name in ‘Angel Has Fallen’.

2013’s Olympus Has Fallen was a hit action movie that took us back to the time before CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) replaced action set pieces and well-choreographed fight scenes. Unfortunately, its sequel, Has Fallen, wasn’t as successful as its predecessor.
Lionsgate look set to remedy that with the third movie that features Butler’s return as the rugged but loyal protagonist who has the daunting task of protecting the President (Morgan Freeman has become America’s first citizen).
Things go awry when what appears to be a peaceful vacation becomes an assassination attempt on the President. Framed and taken into custody, Banning manages to escape and decides to find those responsible and clear his name.

Truth be told, there is nothing outstanding about the trailer. Hopefully, there’s more to the mayhem and we will get to see the fulfillment of the expression: ‘The third time is a charm’ as the producers will hopefully redeem themselves with the addition of something new.
Angel Has Fallen will be released on August 30, 2019.

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