Rnb Sensation 'Tabat' Releases 'Love Me Less' + 'Dear Heart'

Kaduna State Based Medical Practitioner Tabat Decided to give us Good Music to Vibe to and I really think you guys should take out time to enjoy Good music. Thank Me Later, this is Rnb at its Peak. 

Lyrics to Love Me Less
On the day you said you loved me, I'd never felt such bliss
But living as your lover, my nights are getting darker
The warmth I felt around you, now causes me to freeze
Just living as your lover, is making me to suffer

I feel our love's one-sided, like you don't really care
Am I in this alone? Am I dating myself?
You go through all my convos, scroll through my Facebook wall
Asking me random questions, like who called or liked my posts?

Chorus 1
For how long will I feel unworthy?
Your love seems like a favour 
I don't live anymore, I just live for you alone
I've found I am exhausted, you've taken all my will
If this is how you love me, I beg you love me less

I don't have any friends, they all seem like your rivals
What matter are your needs, you do not think of mine
You are so condescending, you make me feel less human 
You drag me down the mud, maybe I am a swine
You often assault me, I am never right
Whenever there's a conflict, I have to apologise
You always threaten to leave me, maybe I made you a God
But now I'm very tired I can't do this anymore

I'd sail through the stormy seas for you
A thousand enemies I can conquer but you are my kryptonite 
I'll climb the highest mountain for you, but trip over the pebble of your scorn
Maybe you were hurt by past lovers but do you care if I share the same trauma

I'm glad that I had given my all to love you
I'm sad that we are not the couple we should be
In all that I have said, in all that I have done
I know my happiness doesn't lie in you again

Chorus 2
So now I know I'm worthy but in someone else's eyes
I've found the one who loves me, I live in paradise
I now know what true love is, it brings dead things to life
I'm glad I've found my heartthrob in your loving me less.

Lyrics To Dear Heart
Dear Heart, I've gotta talk to you as if we weren't together
Somehow, I feel like there's a fight and you're trying to take control
Dear Heart, do you belong to me or do I belong to you?
Cos I've tried to follow my own way but you drag me to you

Over and over I've tried
Til you come with your feelings and lies
I could peel the skin out of my chest
And tear you apart

If you were not a part of me 
Dear Heart, for how long will I keep losing to you
Cos I've tried to overcome your ways 
But you seem stronger than me

I'm giving you away
To The One who knows the way
Heart I'm really not afraid
To lose you in His arms of grace.

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