The "No show by Davido" at Jos Chilling – Event Planner Nentawe Pens Down His Take

I don't know what to say about the sad debacle on Jos Chilling.

The "No show by Davido" at Jos Chilling - my Boss Emmanuel Adukwu and his amazing team have done all the due diligence and did all that is needed - I just don't know what is the challenge with Davido and his team.

Boss Emmanuel Adukwu has contributed his all in the development of the creative sector in Northern Nigeria most especially in Jos - with the set up of the Mees Palace entertainment Center in Rayfield Jos, and he has been very supportive -  he came through for us when we did Eargasm last year, he travelled all the way from Jos to Kaduna mobilized all his friends and networks to be at the concert despite the fact that we did not send an invite to him officially.

I remembered in 2014, we had something similar, due to flight issues - 2baba stayed over 8 hours in the airport in Lagos! 

2baba was ready to travel by road to Kaduna from Lagos - so that he will not disappoint his loyal fans most especially the kids - he missed the kids football finals, the earlier arranged courtesy calls during the daytime - but when he arrived he went round the courtesy calls late in the night and came right into Nassarawa Community to present medals to the kids who played the finals and partied with the young people - despite the fact it was a long day - we were not paying him millions - but for the love of loyal fans.

I remembered in 2015 we cancelled one of the events to meet with students in KASU because we were all tired and exhausted - but 2baba and Annie were ready despite the fact that we did not have break and lunch - they were not happy about the cancellation - the cared so dearly about their loyal fans - this is what Artistes do to show they cared.

Last year 2baba dared the kidnappers came to Kaduna by road from Abuja, he had missed the flight to Kaduna from Lagos - because of connection issues, he had just returned from a trip that flights were messed up - our Security team met with them at  around Jere, he arrived Kaduna very exhausted, sleeping in the car - but woke up for the press conference - and also went round for the radio tour that evening - we were not paying hundreds of millions - but it was his sheer commitment to a just cause.

I expected Davido to arrive Jos this morning with all his artistes - do a radio tour and explain what happened and do a make up concert this evening - Jos people will understand.

But keeping mum up to this moment - will make his loyal fans feel he does not care about them.

Things can go awry but again, problems can be solved.

To all the faithful Jos Chilling fans - keep faith, something bigger will happen - every disappointment is a blessing!





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