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Lucky Gee - Indoor Street Ft. Cza, Kel Cypha, Beekay, Dome, V'zar & Loudspeeka

Just as Promised, One of the Biggest Rap Songs of the Century "Indoor Street" By Lucky Gee Featuring Cza Dalong, Kel Cypha, Beekay...


American Polythechnic Kick starts in Nigeria, Africa.


American Polythechnic Kick starts in Nigeria, Africa.  

Barr. Nay'marie Francesskka Musa and her Husband; Hon. Dare Akande Phd have successfully brought the proposed American Polytechnic to Nigeria.  

American Polytechnic of Nigeria has acquired Adegoke Plaza Ibadan as temporary campus.  

They also landed their 7th international MoU/ Coperate Agreement and Exchange Contract with some American Universities.  

Rehabilitation work has started and construction work is in progress at the permanent site.  

More details later........ Many thanks to the management team.

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