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Lucky Gee - Indoor Street Ft. Cza, Kel Cypha, Beekay, Dome, V'zar & Loudspeeka

Just as Promised, One of the Biggest Rap Songs of the Century "Indoor Street" By Lucky Gee Featuring Cza Dalong, Kel Cypha, Beekay...


SPOTLIGHT: Meet April Arike & "CEO Arike Pepper TV/Arike Kpomo"


On spotlight we have April Arike, She's a Psychology Graduate from Kaduna State Polytechnic. She's Also the CEO Arike Pepper TV and Now the Latest Addition "Arike Pepper Kpomo" She's also Tedywonder's Interim Manager and has a Whole lot to Offer if Given the Opportunity.

Support April and Support Her Brand.

See More Photos After the Cut...

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