Download Mixtape: "RAPP" - D.I.A | @Dia_Sirr

Its good and intelligent music or nothing. After much anticipation from
lovers of good music, this prolific Kroc-city rapper #D.I.A shows again
that he is always capable of putting out classic pieces of art. Rise above
peer pressure #RAPP is what he calls this one. A must listen for every
Nigerian youth out there as it entails songs on a lot of societal vices
that the average Nigerian youth find hard to resist on daily basis.
Production credits go to D.I.A himself (CandyMan), Zayne-F & DJ Notte among
others. With no major features besides a young rap scholar/protegee in
person of J.O.B. & of cos...... D.I.A :) The entire project was mixed &
mastered by (#Metro)

*It is time for good and intelligent music #GAIM*

*Please download & share this rare collection of art with that
teenager/youth in your neighborhood who thinks being cool is doing what
his/her peers do. A stitch in time they say saves nine. To whom it may
concern :- #RiseAbovePeerPressure #RAPP

*connect with this maestro on Twitter/IG : @Dia_Sirr

Download links below

1. Sign Up - Download

2. U.D.I  - Download

3. Control - Download

4. Modern day slave - Download

5. Falling (prod candyMan) - Download

6. Nowadays - Download

7.Ride on (prod Dj Notte) - Download

8.Interlude feat D.i.A - Download

9. Beautiful - Download

10. Pills and Lotion - Download

11. I go Wait - Download

12. Selfish feat J.O.B - Download

RAPP mixtape (zip) - Full Mixtape here (RAPP)

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