plagiarism and content theft - "I Would Sue You" Mai Martaba Warns Dicsa

Mai Martaba Have come out to warn Rapper Dicsa About taking Legal Actions against him After rumors about his song 'Banda Lafiya' was  Stolen, Recorded and had a video shot for it by one of Nigeria's Finest Cinematographers were true. 

Mai Martaba took to Social media to Clear the Air about Him Being the original Owner of the song, On which he planned on Featuring one of Nigeria's Biggest Rap Entrepreneurs Ibrahim Iliya (IBI) 

According to Mai Martaba 
Dicsa Stole the song after he performed it in an  Event held in Zaria June, 2017. 

See Video Below 👇


Well we only Deal on Facts so below is a link to Dicsa's Version Of BANDA LAFIYA
(Released October 2017) 

See Screen shot Of Our Conversation Below 👇

Two Days After I got called to BAR, I dissed a barman I was disbarred so I don't know much about The Law, who have an idea???