Kati Nation Feat. V'Zar - Zugwai

KATI NATION, an amazing duo of Southern-Kaduna born artistes, is pleased to release “Zugwai”, the debut single. “Zugwai”, which means Thank You, is the first release off their yet to be titled album which features TFE’s (The Future Entertainment) ace rapper V’zar a.k.a Sarkin Kati.

The song is an unabashed sing-along anthem that stomps and snares its way to the catchiest of choruses: “Zugwai Oegwaza! Zugwai, Zugwai Oegwaza!.” Thanks to the Vocal power of Joel Prhyme. It reminds listeners that no matter how dark it gets, how helpless we feel, we should take refuge in the knowledge that God is with us and to count your blessings regardless. A thought by far inspired by the Southern Kaduna killings.

The single, produced byJossie Chris, balances the crew’s love for show of skill, good production, good lyricism and yet it is a song of hope; it’s an inspiration to keep going and keep your chin up in spite of the hard times. It’s also super catchy…which is great for the new year. With the support of The Future Entertainment the future seems bright for the younglings. It is indeed a good start for Joel Prhymeand Jossie Chris. Let’s hope they meet up to the expectation/reputation of their boss V’zar. This is a great song. Period. Enjoy!

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