Thank God for yesterday and also a successful packaged event, talking about #KFN. Thanks to all the Artist and Audience. A big shout out to Adams P, Mowiz, Oga Driver, Stitches, kea Adams and every other person that came through and those that couldn't make it.... we all appreciate all your support. Will further use this opportunity to address a Facebook post by @Sheila ohnay stating that 

"I just got bounced at the Kaduna Facebook Night. 
Suleiman Solomon Scopicvenom asked my brother to pay. I told him he's with me. He asked who I was, I told him I'm Ohnay. He said he doesn't know who I am. I told him, I'm one of the special guests, plus I brought mic for Rolelopzy Naija, dude said he is in charge of the gate, so he's sorry. I kukuma pack my family come house, make we watch bbnaija eviction parole. Rolelopzy I honoured your iv. Do have fun!" 

Godly truth is I never bounced her. I don't know her to start with. Am not a bouncer, i have bouncers incharge of the gate and to make sure security is guaranteed. I was only at the gate that particular moment to identify and clear  artist and special appearance/guest coming through. So ohnay came through passed me and the bouncers along with two extra guys i think. And i called her attention and asked who she was and she told me her name that she's a special appearance and i said ok but this people with you will have to pay to gain access and she said y, all I said is you can go in but they have to pay to go in. And she said it's not possible that is better they leave, I tried to see reason with her but she bounced away even when one of the guys she came with was like its ok, I'll pay let's go in she said no. And they left.... only for her to go to Facebook and post that i bounced her which I never did. And only for people to start commenting all sort of hateful words and making conclusions even while they were not even at the scene. That's not right u dont just judge by listening to one side of the story..... like I said i owe no apologies to her or anybody......