Tory Lanez Accused Of Stealing Upcoming Artiste's Song


Hate to Say" is produced by Play Picasso, Christian Lou, & BobbyMadeTheBeat. 

EDIT: VI Seconds does not own the beat and the producer was credited for it.

In the song Tory says:

A nigga flow so well i'm like a sampling kit
give a fuck 'bout who get pissed about my samples and skits
niggas mad i'm remixing their shit
fuck outta here nigga stop being a bitch

On his last album, he was accused by listeners of jacking "The Art of Peer Pressure" on the 2nd part of "4AM Flex"

Also Fetty Wap on "To D.R.E.A.M."

In response to being told by listeners he sounds like Travis Scott on "Litty" he defended himself tweeting:

I can’t sound like somebody I wrote for…

He wrote the hook on "Brand New Choppa". He later deleted the tweet

He was also accused of biting lines for a freestyle from Don Q and Cassidy.