Nipsey Hussle Shows Kanye West's "MAGA" Selfie During "FDT" Performance

Nipsey Hussle took to D.C. to make his stance clear on Donald Trump and Kanye West's relationship.

Nipsey Hussle and YG were two of the first rappers to take their stance on Donald Trump to wax with their political banger, "FDT." The song came out prior to Trump taking office and stirred a whole lot of controversy. At one point, YG claimed the Secret Service tried to stop the release of the song and eventually made him bleep out some words on it which resulted in blank bars where some of the more offensive lines were. However, that hasn't stopped either from performing it live. In a recent concert in Washington, D.C., Nipsey Hussle decided to perform the song in a very timely manner.

During Nipsey Hussle's recent show in Washington, D.C., he took some time to address the political climate in America with the song "FDT." However, what might even more interesting about his set is that pictures of Kanye West's selfie wearing the "Make America Great Again" hat appeared on the screens during the performance.

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