[Article] Why Kaduna State Remains Nigeria's Hiphop Capital City

Kaduna is Beyond Doubt and  surprisingly hip hop’s capital city of Nigeria. Kaduna is home to many artistes on the verge of national|international stardom.

The Kaduna artistes with the most palpable buzz at the the beginning of 2018 was Nifty Breezy, Kharis, Voca, Dj Cinch, Mai Martaba, Mhiz Dee, Alazi Tha King, Slow, Emmy Jay, DIA, Kevin Words, BHP, Kel Cypha, Coby Ringz, JayMun, Gad, Vzar, Menxee, Loudspeeka, Rymboxx, Eff-Ell, Skimmy and i'm Only mentioning a Few whose hard Work Has Helped push them to the Mainstream .

A lot of readers may be surprised to even see These Names described as emerging artistes. While KADUNA Rappers are yet to conquer the Northeast and SouthWest, They do appear destined to do so in 2018.

2018 Predictions: While a major marketing campaign could likely be enough to propel Kaduna State Rappers nationally, the same could be said for countless other emerging artistes. 

In order for Kaduna State Rappers to organically fulfil their potential they would be wise to collaborate with another emerging Artistes with a broader fanbase to get them the Desired Audience/Platforms they so much deserves and this Could be the start of a very powerful tandem.

As Kaduna State Keeps Supplying Good and intelligent Hiphop Songs I Think They Will Be Holding This Record For A Very Long Time. 

Written By Kel Cypha 

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