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Every organization live by a certain code,  and we here on THE HANGOUT live by our words. We have promised to bring you juicy interviews weekly from some of  Kroc city finest and we ain't backing down on our words. Last week we had the amazing Jedai who happens to be both a fantastic police officer and a musician, this week we bring you a diva, a lady who has conquered stages both within and outside the borders of Kaduna state.  One thing is for sure she is my newest crush (don't judge me, she is gorgeous and she can actually burst a verse). On THE HANGOUT this week we had a chat with One of KD's Femcee who goes by the name Glamour and believe me she is glamorous. 

This is what she has to say. 
Good day and welcome to  THE HANGOUT

Can you please tell us a little about you?

I'm by name Offor Mercy chinedu, Igbo by tribe, Anambra is  where I'm from though i grew up in kaduna.. 

I started this music back in 2015 n took it seriously before 2016 was over. I'm currently studying Anatomy in Nnamdi Azikiwe university Anambra.

How do you mix studies and music?

I'd say its not easy, never easy, Its a tough one but with time, studies would be over. Anyways, we have several ongoing activities, social activities and we go for live performances,also create time to visit the studio and do one or two.

You dropped an EP earlier this yeah,  how has the reception been so far?

So far I'd say successful cause we hit a good number of downloads and definitely supporters and promoters too... 
So I'd say im grateful and happy i got people out there waiting on a next track. 

You promised the fans another EP by July, should we still be expecting it or has the plan changed?

It should be expected but not july precisely, it might be coming later than that, maybe August, buh im just gonna say its set. Just tryna run up on some mixs and set a preferred date to drop it.

How has the journey been so far for you as a female rapper, because in the industry it looks like people just tend to look down on female emcees, thinking they are not good enough?

Probably, but for me, I've always been given a chance to perform on stages even when i wasn't invited. And people around me are really encouraging just that studies keeps getting in,so the journey  hasn't been easy. 
But with time, music gonna get my 100% attention and if they'd be anything hindering us from making it, then we'd know. Buh for now I'm just pushing in the little i can.

One thing that is common amongst rappers is their need for self acclamation  of been the best rapper around, do you think you are the best female rapper around right now?

No, i'm not in competition with no one, and for titles like "Best rapper".i will let the people do the judging. I just know that i'm good and i love music and can do music and lastly express myself through the music. 

So no acclamation of being the best.. I just know im good, thats my encouragement.

What inspires your music?

Love for the music,Knowing you can explain yourself through it.. 

Knowing it never leaves.. The words would remain and you'll forever relate to it. Sometimes you just get this instrumental and your hands are already typing lyrics. The love gat me 💯

Who are your greatest influence in Music?

I love alot of rappers. Even other artists aside rap, they thrill me.

People like Hopson, Wretch 32, 6lack, Been in love with eminem, J cole, Verse Simmonds, My homeboys in campsquad. Lot of artists.. Once you can relate to they songs, you get motivated.

We're going to play a game right now, you will give me three (3) names, the (1st) will be one KD artist you want to work with (2nd) a KD artist you think ain't giving in his/her all (3rd)  the KD artist you have a crush on?

The 1st would be Nifty breezy if i got the name right.. Would have said kel cypha buh he's not just an artist. 

2nd_i really dont know, many artists i know chip in their best..

3rd_crush??..hell nah, buh i like my homeboy Emmyjay, he's lyrics thrills me oh yeah.

What's next for glamour, any album, mixtape or collabs on the way?

Some singles, OTO ( outta that ordinary) tha Album, Especially in August when we'd be on break, they'd definitely hear from me and my tracks.

Anylast words to your fans? 

I really appreciate the love and support from those i have gotten, they keep making me feel special, i promise never to fall their hands, and im so grateful for having them love what i do.. 
God blessings in abundance

How can you be reached on social media?

 On facebook  :Mercy chinedu offor
Instagram :Rapglamour1
My email is also rapglamour1@gmail.com..


Thank you so much for your time and we hope to have you back on THE HANGOUT again sometime.

Thanks so much.. I really feel special having this with you'll.
God bless you and make us all bigger...Amen!!

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