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In a city filled with talents beyond imagination,  and innovations that can only be admired through the beauty of the eyes leaving your mouth open while you watch with so much admiration, it is never easy to pick out of all this blessing called talent. But we at the Hangout are determined to only bring you the best out of the best in the industry.

This week on the Hangout we had the opportunity to meet with the C. E. O of Gem clothing, an IT specialist and also a professional cleaner who has made his mark in the industry and also brought smiles on the faces of thousands of individuals through his creative process and innovation. Below is what this amazing personality has to say when he joined us on the HANGOUT. 

Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Gajere Edward Mark and I am a cleaner and a TieDye artist too.

What kind of cleaning do you do?

Industrial cleaning, general laundry and home service car wash.

How long have you been a Tiedye artist?

I made my first set of shirts on April 17, 2017april 17th made it a year,So it's one year and two months now.

In just a year you've made a great impact, what's the secret behind it?

Well, impact is always a function of repeated hit on a specific point. What I mean is that, I was determined to make great designs so I kept trying.

What inspires your designs?

People!! I listen to people a lot, Sometimes my designs are people's suggestion.

Do you work with tailors or you just get the fabrics you use from a store?

I order for my shirts from a store from Lagos because they have to be pure cotton,And I have a little limitation getting my preference from the market here in kaduna.

What are those limitations?

First one is cost of the shirt here in kaduna, If I was to get the shirt here in kaduna the cost of my shirt will be high and the goal of every entrepreneur is to cut down the cost of their production and maximize profit as well the cost price of their products.

If you were not doing what you do right now, what will you think you would have ventured into?

First, know that I do two things, my business is a cleaning firm but my passion is TieDye and I also work for an IT firm.

So if I wasn't doing what am doing now, I would work full time for that company But I can't even imagine not doing business though.

Do you deliver outside kaduna?

Yes we do, to all parts of the country.

Who are your top designers here in kaduna?
Wow!! Kaduna is so blessed that I know a lot.
In the TieDye niche, I know two good people, Hobbiz empire and Floxy TieDye and in tailoring and fashion @kanga couture

What is your biggest limitation?

Well, this is kaduna, very few people appreciate art here in kaduna.. So as an entrepreneur in the Fashion industry I face the challenge of selling my products at a price that tends to appreciate the creativity that was put into producing my product.

I sell my shirts for N4000 and Tshirts at N3000, but if I was to sell to a client in Lagos or portharcourt it's N6000 for shirts and N4000 for Tshirts. And even at that price my kaduna people will still want a price slash which affects the business.

Is there any measure that you think should be put in place,  in other to make people down here appreciate art, and also be willing to pay for it?
Personally, I feel we the designers have to do more, bring out better designs, do a quality job -and then fix a non negotiable price on it.

If we do a good job, over time people will come to the realisation that what they want is quality and that quality comes with an extra price.

For the sake of those who what to get one of your designs in their closet, how can they reach you?
They can call us on phone :08162033534
Whatsapp: 08162033534 IG: @Gemclothings
Facebook: @Gemsclothings or Edward Gajere
Twitter: @GemClothings or @edeegajee.

Thank you so much for joining us on The Hangout this week, hope to have you back soon and more grace to you in your endeavors.
Thank you very much Sir...It's an honour to be here. 

Thank you all for sticking with us, until next week when we come back with another amazing art who is making waves in the industry, Stay blessed!!!! 

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