GRAFFITI - One Of Nigeria's Biggest Rap Collaborations Of 2018

Collaboration can be a brilliant thing in any genre of music – but it’s especially true in rap and hip-hop.

Over the years, claims have been staked, careers have been launched (and in some cases, ended) and lines have been drawn thanks to the beauty of the guest feature. Indeed, some of the biggest and best team-ups in music over the years have entered into music legend through the presence of a stand-out guest feature: from Dr. Dre bringing California Love to the world with 2Pac, And now something to remind the new generation about how real Hiphop music used to sound like. 

Graffiti is the Biggest Hiphop Song Outta Northern Nigeria "Pioneered By The Hiphop Grand Pupa Himself "MURPHEUZ RHYMZ" On Which he had World Class Lyricists Like kevinwords, terry tha Rapman, DIA and Pherowshuz.

GRAFFITI is the Official Theme Song for the Number HIphop Show On Radio. With Over 52,000 Downloads\Streams, Over 100 Video clips of  Fans and Good music lovers Vibing to it and a couple of other world class Celebrities GRAFFITI Just Hit a Whole New HIGH!!!

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