Nuttyjosh - Does Runs Really Pay? (Article)

Does runs really pay? I mean does it pay, like

Like the street is crawling with sweet teenage
girls craving crazy lifestyles and attention, girls
who parade their naked bodies for free just to
catch man's gaze, some even drop nudes on
social media to get the buzz and alot of well
placed men patronizing them yet, this girls are
still broke why? After the sex, after the nude
show, after the parties and hook ups, why are
they still broke? As in broke?
Still wear cheap makeover, cheap infinix/tekno
phones with that shine shine pouch, snapchat
videos in an dry room, low budget cloths, fake
gucci, fake prada, fake wigs no brazilian, yet this
said girls get picked up in flashy cars, hit the
best clubs, drink the best wine, get used in the
most expensive hotels, so why are they still
Like too broke to change their body creams in
time, too broke to replace their wardrobe, too
broke to restyle their hair, too broke to start up a
business, broke to move their suffering parents
out of that derelict house, i mean if prostitution
cant elevate you or your parents whypthaf**k are
you doing it for?, some of them even too broke
to change their sanitary pads or even treat
themselves of toilet infections why?
There was a time when Men pay just to see a
woman's breasts but now its everywhere free of
charge, Because girls have suddenly become so
cheap and so desperate and the runs game has
become so crowded that, men are no longer
challenged to pay good money for sex anymore...
Ask many of this girls slaying, how many of them
can boast of ever receiving 100k per night? They
just call them and say its ushering job, them
share 5-10k each and they be like
wow..smh..seriously? Whats 10k?
You girls forming posh on social media are really
tarnishing the name of other good hardworking
girls out there, because of how cheap and
hungry you display yourself, you have made alot
of men perceive all ladies as the same.. I mean
if you cant do this runs thing properly why not
quit it? Yes because its not paying you! At
18-22years You have slept with over 50 men yet
you cannot boast of 50k in your account what
sort of a useless runs girl are you huh?
Seriously ya'll need to up your game or stop it!
You keep saying you doing it to help your parents
yet you've never assisted in any way, all you ever
give that poor woman/man is headache..
I have met alot of girls in this line of business
and i have made my analysis that this shit
doesn't pay, hasn't paid non of you, lets forget
this classic captions and filtered photos, the real
you is nothing expensive.
Am not encouraging sex business neither can i
stop it but common if makeover,dressing up in
style and hooking up is all you are good at then i
suggest you atleast add a bit of value to your
nakedness, cos nobody is gonna pay nicely on a
public product..If you wanna have a good
retirement plan then you better start treating
your body as a business venture, forget the fish,
forget the club, forget the ride in fancy cars, its
better to trek and be paid in cash than be given a
lift and be paid with fish and chop change.
Jokes apart, stop runs and get a life!
# Untamed

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