Burna in Kaduna: The Glitz 'N' Glamour

Burna Boy In Kaduna: The Drama and Excitement
Okay! So!  Before you guys stone me and say I am being bias lol! I have to point out the fact that I was part of the organizing team for  pitch perfect “Burna Boy’s Event” and I must say not everything went  as we planned. 

The planning process was great. Great team work and great leadership by Emir of Lagos and Danjuma popularly known as Dan J.  teammates includes; Karen Mamman,  Zallah, Mukhtar, DJ Copre, Zarah also know as Sarauniya, Abbas, Kirah, and many more 

About the show: 

Firstly, A lot of people pointed out the fact that the Venue was echoing desperate attempt to fill it up with the right amount of sound Secondly, the show started really late due to the kaduna APC Emerging Young Leaders Summit 2018 that took place earlier and some misunderstandings with the chairs and tables. 

As for the Drama, some people tried to enter the event using Fake Tickets. It was embarrassing as bouncer had to dragged them out. 

People in large number came early to the venue but had to wait for a while for the place to be fixed At the end of the day Burna Boy came and his performance was 100%. As soon as he was on stage, people forgot about the echo, moved to the stage and vibe with the Nigerian artist. 

The love was massive. This is aptly evident in the kind of crowd that was present at the event  yesterday, which included youths and adults. 

Oh! Did I mention Burna Boy’s Dad came! Yap! He did.. I was surprised too but menh! I wish all parents will support their kids like that especially our northern folks It is important to also note that youths, or better still, ‘young people’, constituted majority of crowd, and from their high participation at the event, it was clear they enjoyed it. 

Emir of Lagos is HERE to stay and we look forward to other Nigerian Artists in Kaduna. 

Did I miss anything about the show? If I did drop it’s on the  comment box .. see more photos. 

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