Hopsin & Joyner Lucas Squash Their Twitter "Beef"

Hopsin jumped on Twitter to let people know he has no beef with Joyner Lucas — despite tweetst that initially said otherwise. On Saturday (September 22), Hopsin shared a screenshot of his FaceTime call with Lucas, proving they’d made peace.

“Just got off a call with @Joyner Lucas and everything’s all good between us,” he wrote in the caption. “Who woulda won tho?”

Lucas returned the sentiment with a retweet but was adamant he’d still beat him in a rap battle.
“No beef wit hop,” he wrote. “He’s my bro. He must understand I will wash him in a battle tho. I’m jus sayin. Lmao.”

The discord kicked off earlier this week when Hopsin insinuated he could murder Lucas in a battle. Once Lucas addressed Hopsin about the comment, Hop assured him he would “break his soul.”

Lucas fired back with, “Before you break my soul you must break some ground first my g. U still in the same place for the last 10 years now. I’m jus sayin. Level up first before u come for me little man. #andiputthatonyourstagnantcareer.”

As much as fans would love to see a battle — or even a collaboration between the two — so far, no plans have been announced to do either. 

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