Song Writer A.J talks About His Most Anticipated Single 'Human'

Writing this song was out of personal experience.
A feeling of giving out love but receiving nothing in return, at this point can you blame yourself, God or life.

While writing this song I kept in mind that we meet many people in this life for a reason I used the pain from this experience to show that you can't blame yourself because we Human it's only natural to fall in love with someone and if your feelings are not returned despite how hard you try it just goes to show it wasn't just meant to be.

I've accepted this reality and am moving forward and so should anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.
Instead use that feeling you feel and willing to give someone to give yourself cause you deserve it.

With the release of this song I show my determination to reach for greater heights in myself and expect other great songs and projects from me cause I'm just starting to bring the heat.


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Unknown said…
True talk bruv, really encouraging!