CEO 'Fresh TV' Addresses False Rumor Branding Him and His Brand a Fraud

 I will like to use this opportunity to Address the latest story (Rumors) going round on social media Calling me and my Brand a Fraud.

I will address all these one after the other.

One You said all the cameras we have Are faulty but you lied. We're the most Patronized Media brand in Kaduna since we started in Kaduna and all these were achieved by Serving our customers right and putting them first.

My first time coming to Kaduna from Malaysia for skales album lunch, I so much love the city because it was my first time coming to Kaduna. So a friend of mine, Don O advised me to set up a media house here in Kaduna but it was never my intention to start up a business in Kaduna and as a friend, I listen to him.

Then I got a building and I set up a standard studio in Kaduna which I spent not less than #20 something million to make sure that the place is of good standard and I started asking around for someone to help me to manage the studio and also in the position of paying workers and paying me a return every month.

Then I met a guy called Napji and he said he will assist me to manage the place, as we've agreed and the next day I started seeing crowd in my place more than 30people, out of the love that I have with them, I fed them and clothed them from morning to night. I traveled back to Lagos, a friend of mine called me to come and see how they've messed up my place.

I came and saw condoms all around the place and also damage the car I bought for them, after which they all ran away thinking that I would get them arrested which I never did.

A guy called Elijah, 1eyepeace and he said he will help me to manage the place again and I should give him a trial for a week and I ask him to bring a witness which he brought his mother and his girlfriend.

When his witnesses left, he started the work and the next day he started smoking all kinds of drugs, bringing different faces of people and when I told him to stop, he got angry and started making troubles and left the place.

All of a sudden, he came back the next early morning and he was crying and pleading for me to forgive that it wasn't intentionally, what happened was a friend of him took him to Ghana to perform ritual and the stuff backfire on him which he showed me his two legs were he was chain In the process of mental problem for 6months and anybody that knows him should check his two legs.

He told me that he doesn't want to work for me again but he'll be hosting his shows at Fresh Tv which I allowed him to be hosting his shows here and he has been hosting his shows here, he came back again last month to smoke with his friend and I asked him to stop which he got angry and started attacking me on Facebook.

Since I started my business, I've never employed anybody and if anybody said that I employ him/her should bring his/her appointment letter to show that I employed them, anybody you ever see in Fresh Tv just came to eat food because I cook for them everyday and I have a cooking foundation where everybody comes to eat every second.

None of them ever brought job for a studio that have everything, just only outsiders like One Man Nation, E-man, Loudspeaker, Ade etc and for the past few months ago I have been working with my fiancee and we've been working better than them and they've been seeing us at various events and places. Now, they're jealous and spreading fake rumors

We are here to help grow this industry and God knows the little role I've played in this Industry, I Work for as low as taking just 5000 naira from most of these events and give them Equipments I usually give out for 40 / 50 thousand Naira.

You talk about my Photo shop with Rochas, Well that was for a magazine I published in 2014, the Printer did the Photoshop and it was really funny then because we Laughed over it.

That was a part of me that is no more. I have never used it to Scam anyone before and will never do, the said magazine is no more in existence because Orange TV Magazine which I'm also the CEO of is no more and we're now FRESH TV.

I Apologize for Any inconvenience this may have caused any of our Customers, we are committed to Giving your Events a Super Classy Touch.

And our New Customers, Let's Work Together!!!

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