Easy Bob Wizzy – ShineShineBobo

Artist: Eazy Bob Wizzy

Short Bio

Eazy Bob Wizzy is a hip-hop artist, producer, songwriter, label owner, graphics/web designer, creative director and thought leader. Studied marketing in Accra Ghana and has performed his music for thousands of listeners both in Nigeria and Ghana.

While appealing to fans of artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Lecrae, Dream Junkies, Eazy’s music is mainly hip hop with weighty topics, truth, humour, and inspiration from various genres of music into one cohesive and excellent work.

Link to longer bio: http://whoiseazy.com/bio


"SHINESHINEBOBO" is Eazy Bob Wizzy's first single of the year 2019 and it's also the first single off his forthcoming mixtape titled "Where is Eazy?"

"This song talks about a certain kind of glow that can be attained when one's spirit is in right standing with God. It is a glow that shines from within, outward. Regardless of what one may be going through in a particular season of his/her life, this glow remains evident because all things are working together for his/her good." - Eazy Bob Wizzy
Produced by Eazy Bob Wizzy, the track was inspired by a popular chorus sung in most local churches in Nigeria. Eazy Bob Wizzy popularly known as a rapper decided to take a different approach by singing patois but also laid down a few bars for his rap fans.

Twitter/Instagram: @EazyBobWizzy

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