Jock Milly — Dear KD Artist (Open Letter)

Dear Kd Artist,

What Do You Want?

What are you targeting to achieve with your next project? Where exactly do you hope to get to in the next five months? 
Has your career so far been an organized journey towards a clearly defined destination?
Is every studio project of yours having a particular purpose to achieve? 

Or is it just the same routine? Hit the studio, record a new song, set a release date, drop the track, the track bubbles for some weeks, gets mad downloads, and boom, you're onto the next project again?

Do you know in spite of the structure and resources record labels have, they still sit down to draft out a strategy for their artists? 

The idea is to work with a master plan. Having a defined destination, a timeframe to reach there, and a guide on how to get there. 

So the one billion dollar question still stands: 

What do you want? 

Whose attention are you seeking? 
A label's, an investor's, a management's?
And how do you intend to get that? 

Being a serious artist starts from being a serious person.

Who you say you are is a responsibility you must live up to - an occasion you must rise to.

You can't say you're a serious artist and refuse to do what serious artists do, yet hope and expect what serious artists reap.

That is witchcraft.

Success is worked for, not hoped for.

That you have wings does not mean you'll fly. You must spread it and dare to jump.

Investing in your art is the only seriousness there is, any other thing besides that is a fantasy straight out of Disney Land.

Music is bigger than what Wizkid's success story has been telling you.

You need direction. Passion is a scam!

Yours truly, Jock Milly

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