Kodak Black Involves 50 Cent In The Game Beef: "You Were A Male Stripper"

Kodak Black empties the clip on The Game.
When Kodak Black said he was interested in Lauren London over the weekend, he did so in an extremely disrespectful way. The Florida-born rapper said that Lauren was "fitting to be a whole widow," inviting her to "call his line" if she ever needs a shoulder to lean on. As you would expect, the comments did not go without a ton of online backlash. Fans of the late Nipsey Hussle have denounced Kodak Black for shooting his shot at Lauren and T.I. and The Game also told him to shut his mouth. Earlier today, we reported on how Kodak is convinced that Tip wanted "first dibs" on Nipsey's girlfriend, which is why he got so mad about the video. Now, Kodak is taking aim at The Game and 50 Cent is coming along for the ride.

During a live stream on his Instagram page, the Project Baby started singing along to "Hate It Or Love It" before calling out The Gameand proving that he doesn't care at all about what he said this weekend. "50 [Cent] grabbed that boy off the pole," said Kodak in his video, referring to comments that Game's step-father made several years ago. "You was a booty shaker, you was a male stripper. 50 Centhad to come get you off the pole like whatchu talkin' bout. Yo, leave me alone. Stop talking about me. If Lauren ain't said nothing, y'all need to leave me alone."
At this point, maybe Kodak should consider taking a break from social media. He's making a lot of enemies this week.

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