Movie Director "Abia Ikenna H. JC" Shares Shocking Encounter with Less Privileged Kid Whose Father Disappeared

I hate seeing people in pains....saw a little kid crying and I ask what happened and he say her mother is sick but in hospital, not knowing it was the same hospital we are going to be shooting a movie, I saw same boy inside the hospital and I ask him is your mom here? We went to see the mom....I can't help it or hold my self I cry out....and ask for the doctor, we went to the office and he tell me people stop coming to see her because they can't pay bills anymore, husband is no were to be find, for over 2 weeks, I ask how much, the money was just all I have in my life now......I wanted to leave but my mind was fighting me....I thank about how I can manage my self with out money...still my mind was fighting me to pay and I ask for an account number and pay.....the doctor asking me who are you and I can't say a word....and I leave the office n give the boy my last 2k to feed the mom.
I pray were ever the husband is God should take him back to his family
Am not posting this to showoff believe me deep inside me I don't know why I did what I not rich I just give out all my hustle...
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Unknown said…
I just hope the woman is OK...and the husband have gone back to his family....