Photos: Acclaimed local hunter allegedly captures 13 Boko Haram terrorists alive, kill two in Borno, Adamawa

Sarki Mohammed Yohanna, Vice President of Local Hunters of Northeast Nigeria allegedly captured alive 13 Boko Haram terrorists alive and killed two in one week around Sabon Garin area of Borno and Adamawa areas. 
According to Borno State government official:
"Sarki Mohammed Yohanna is one of the toughest and independent Boko Haram Fighter who has reclaimed the Southern Part of Borno from the hands of Boko Haram and Has been Capturing and fighting Boko Haram without the Support of the Military or any Security Agencies. 
Sarki Mohammed Yohanna and his team singularly reclaimed, Hawul, Askira, Biu, Part of Adamawa and Yobe State . He use Farming as source of sustaining the fight, he has never received even a Vehicle from government  , Military or any Organisation but only from good Samaritan who feels its a responsibilities to use their wealth to protect their communities . 
I called on all authorities to meet and Support Sarki Yohanna in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria."

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