See The Transformation!!! Meet Abigail & Kharis "The Kaduna Female Rap Revelation"

 Meet Abigail & Kharis "The Kaduna Female Rap Revelation" 


Seeing a female in hip hop still comes as a shock to many individuals. 

As few Christian hip-hop record labels as there are, even fewer exist with a female on its roster.

Even with less support, females are definitely making their mark in the hip-hop industry. Mediocrity is not a word that comes to mind as these girls bring witty lyricism, powerful delivery and a genuine heart to impact the world for Christ.

Kharis is Gospel Act that I Think readers should look out for in 2019. Despite the peer pressure, Kharis have a goal – to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Kharis provides versatility, being both a rapper and singer. She is best known for her ability to freestyle.

Kharis: I see people’s face light up, and it comes as the biggest shock to them. The biggest question I get is “How do you rap without cursing?” Many people don’t even know that Christian rap exists. 

Seeing people’s reaction to the music and the impact that I can have is definitely my favorite part. I also enjoy the process of making music. During that process, I always discover new things about myself.

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